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Is it correct that mydll.dll which is located in the GAC will read mydll.dll.config from the the same path that it is effectively called from? As an example, if myprogram.exe runs in c:\test, all I need do is copy mydll.dll.config into c:\test and all will work OK?

In replies to a similar question, mention is made of setting the location of the config file via code using AppDomainSetup.ConfigurationFile. Given the dll is not a standalone executable, it doesn't have a load event or an entry point so where are you supposed to enter that code. I to presume that I can/must create a public static method that sets the location and that method must be called by my executable before actually using the dll?

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See this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/311253/… –  Enrico Campidoglio May 9 '11 at 7:17
Enrico Campidoglio :I can't see where tvanfosson stated that the dll will read it's config file from the applications path. The answers provided in that question are neither clear, nor I suspect, correct. Additionally, the second part of my question remains unanswered. –  David May 9 '11 at 11:03

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