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So for me this is very annoying

I am at the first/last line of the file and when I hit k/j all text screen blinks. I know this is stupid but it is possible to disable this.

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To disable visual bell completely: set t_vb= in vimrc or gvimrc (if you use gvim, you must put it into gvimrc because &t_vb option is reset after vimrc is sourced).

To turn visual bell into beep: set novisualbell. I find it more annoying, but it also answers the question: disabling screen blinking.

To turn off visual bell for j/k commands you will have to remap them:

noremap <expr> k ((line('.')==1)?'':'k')
noremap <expr> j ((line('.')==line('$'))?'':'j')
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this example is really cool, had never seen one like this! – skeept May 9 '11 at 13:52

You can add the line below to your .vimrc:

autocmd GUIEnter * set vb t_vb= " for your GUI
autocmd VimEnter * set vb t_vb=

It will disable both the bell and the visual flash.

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Great one! Thank you. – Dmitriy Ugnichenko Feb 8 '13 at 23:45

This is counterintuitive, but in order to disable the visual bell completely you have to:

  • enable vim's internal visual bell with set visualbell
  • set t_vb=

that is, set the effect of visual bell to empty after enabling it.

If visualbell is not set for you (by default mine wasn't), setting t_vb to empty only will not disable the flashing.

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