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I want to make a new widget javascript class [Label] it look like dijit.button. So I look at the source code of dijit Button and try to copycat it.

It start with declare and I use dijit.form._FormWidget as a superclass.

But when I run it on the web page it doesn't work, I debug with Firebug in Firefox and it return "this.containerNode is null"

I can't figure how to set containerNode parameter.

Can anyone answer me, what the problem does it cause it to happen?

P.S. I'm a bit new to javascript.

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Hmm, can you show some code? dijit.form.Button sets containerNode in its template file (templates/Button.html). Are you using a template file for your widget? If you don't you have to build your HTML (including setting the containerNode) in your widget's buildRendering method. –  Frode May 9 '11 at 8:14
Are you an experienced Dojo developer? What you're attempting is not trivial and you'll need to understand quite a bit of how Dojo works before you can should do it. Otherwise, it is very easy to introduce subtle bugs and errors that you'll never be able to find. –  Stephen Chung May 10 '11 at 9:02

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A simple dijit for your reference. The JavaScript:

dojo.declare("com.example.Label", [dijit._Widget, dijit._Templated], {
    templateString: dojo.cache("com.example", "templates/Label.html"),
    value : ""

The HTML template:



var label = new com.example.Label({value : "Hello"});
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