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I am using the YM4R-GM Plugin to plot the locations of various businesses on my app. I want to use a custom marker image in place of the standard red-pinking google maps marker. Is this possible using this plugin? I am finding very sparse documentation on the internet.

Additionally, I would like to display a different marker on the map depending on what category the business falls under. There will be about 20 different images in all.


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I suggest you have a look at my gem: gmaps4rails. It makes rhese things really easy. –  apneadiving May 9 '11 at 8:34
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Yes, it's possible to use a custom marker image. Some time ago I developed an app with this feature, for rails 2. I found code in this page.

This is the code for generating the icon:

    @map.icon_global_init( GIcon.new(:image =>
                               :shadow => "http://www.google.com/
                               :icon_size => GSize.new(32,32),
                               :shadow_size => GSize.new(37,32),
                               :icon_anchor => GPoint.new(9,32),
                               :info_window_anchor => GPoint.new(9,2),
                               :info_shadow_anchor =>

and this for creating marker:

source = GMarker.new([@location.lat, @location.lng],
             :icon => icon_source)

Where icon_source is the icon you created before and source is the location where you want to put the marker with the custom icon.

At the end just type: @map.overlay_init(source)

Finally you can find all google map markers here.

If you have problems with this code, try in these pages, for rails 3: rails 3 ym4r gm and here

I hope this helps you.

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this is great, thank you! –  johnnyPando May 10 '11 at 6:02
@Ryan Max You're welcome! :) –  Alberto Solano May 10 '11 at 11:35
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