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I am thinking of launching a ecommerce website. I am noob into web development. I was thinking of startng with CMS like wordpress , drupal, joomla to make website. But I have doubts that is that good way to start ecommerce website. A CMS is limited by its functionality and I fear that in future I may face problems in adding the functionality on website. Please tell me that does functionality of website becomes limited by using a template of CMS ? can a template be edited to maximum level ? Lets us suppose I want to use AJAX in my website then can I do do . I hope you guys got my question. You guys please help me

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Noob in web development? This is by far your most appealing option, you will find it incredibly easy using this:


Functionality is not limited.

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www.Umbraco.com is an asp.net based CMS. It is not based on any template. So it gives you the freedom to design and change the website as you like. It has a shopping cart as a component which can be added to make it an eCommerce website.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way related/promoter/employee, etc of Umbraco. This is just my opinion.

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ok, fine. But My questions is that whether I can handicap myself by using any CMS for building any website ? or should I develop website from scratch so that everything remains in control from beginning –  developer May 9 '11 at 10:10
As a beginner, I would suggest you to start with CMS and stay focused on your business rather than technology. Once you have enough traffic, you can opt to rewrite your website from scratch. –  Tushar May 9 '11 at 10:49
Thanks thats good suggestion. –  developer May 9 '11 at 12:16

I strongly suggest you having a look at NopCommerce which is an open-source ASP.NET based e-commerce solution. It is not a foundation like Microsoft Commerce Server, but you can develop the functionalities you require by modifying the code. http://www.nopcommerce.com/default.aspx

Also have a look at the below links for more alternatives on MS platform. http://alen.malhasoglu.com/commerceserver/2011/05/04/cms-and-e-commerce-platforms-which-are-using-microsoft-net-technologies/

Also if you are open to all kinds of solutions, you may have a look at Gartner Magic Quadrant Reports. Just search google "Gartner E-Commerce Platform Magic Quadrant"

Regards, Alen Ziver MALHASOGLU

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It is better for you to use a eCommerce services that is available in hundreds. It will help you build a professional shop with lots of features to you and your customers and also most of them are ready to edit scripts that you can customize it by your own. these are the name of eCommerce software's:

Zen Cart, Magneto, Pinnacle cart yummy, OsCommerce, and etc

you can Google them for more info

and also about your question according to CMS yes some of templates are ready to be edited in maximum level.

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