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I'm new to Linux. I wrote an application that uses MySQL, and its Makefile is posted as follows:

OBJ = main.o PeerDbOpMgr.o
MYSQL_INC = ./mysql/include
LNK_MYSQL = ./mysql/lib/ -lmysql

main : $(OBJ) 
    g++ -g -o main $(OBJ) -L$(LNK_MYSQL) -lpthread -lm

main.o : main.cpp
    g++ -g -c -I$(MYSQL_INC) main.cpp

PeerDbOpMgr.o : PeerDbOp.cpp PeerDbOp.h
    g++ -g -c -I$(MYSQL_INC) PeerDbOp.cpp -o PeerDbOpMgr.o

clean : 
    rm main $(OBJ) 

I compiled it successfully. But when I ran it, it showed an an error:

./main: error while loading shared libraries: libmysql.so.16: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The libmysql.so.16 file is under ./mysql/lib/libmysql.so.16, but why does it says that there's no such file or directory?

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You have linked your application to a library that is not in the runtime linker's path. Your application should work when you run it like: env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./mysql/lib ./main

Manpages to read: ld(1), ldconfig(8)

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Thanks for you help – Dan May 20 '11 at 5:45

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