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I am new to SoapUI. I am trying to do the following in SoapUI but don't know where to start: 1. Create a XML file with the content of a SOAP request 2. Reuse the file created in step 1 as template in other testcases


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I have found a way to achieve this:

  1. Create the content of the template xml into a property file as Name/Value pairs

  2. In the request, use the property(s) at appropriate place using the syntax "${#PROPERTY_NAME}"

  3. In the setup script, load the property file

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  1. You can also store content in an xml file.
  2. The file can be read through a groovy script and the content in the file can be assigned to the Test variable of the test case.
  3. The custom variable can be referred as ${#TestCase#templateData} in the XML request

Please remember that templateData should be the name of the custom variable of the test case.

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