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in my app i want to place a seek bar. i want the seek bar to be move by its own as like in the media player a bar to show the remaining duration of the song.

When the user start to move from one location to the other, i am calculating the distance that the user traveling from one place to the other. So in order to show visualization i am trying to show the seek bar.

Is there any other layout for this....

Can anyone give me some example......

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SeekBar extends ProgressBar, so you can set its position as you would with a ProgressBar. BTW, if you only need to visualize the distance, use a ProgressBar.

With ProgressBar.setMax() you set the top value, with ProgressBar.setProgress() you set the current value.

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              public void seek updater()                              
             SeekBar s=(SeekBar)findViewById(R.id.seek);                    
             Runnable r=new Runnable() 
                 public void run() {                                            
             new Handler().postDelayed(r,1000);

just create a method like the above and call it when u press the play button. i found this http://www.hrupin.com/2010/12/simple-android-mp3-media-player very interesting,this may also help to find your answer.

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