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**How can I write below java code in my web site which designed by c#

<script type="text/javascript"> 

txt = "<p>Browser CodeName: " + navigator.appCodeName + "</p>"; 
txt+= "<p>Browser Name: " + navigator.appName + "</p>"; 
txt+= "<p>Browser Version: " + navigator.appVersion + "</p>"; 
txt+= "<p>Cookies Enabled: " + navigator.cookieEnabled + "</p>"; 
txt+= "<p>Platform: " + navigator.platform + "</p>"; 
txt+= "<p>User-agent header: " + navigator.userAgent + "</p>"; 

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A guess (if it is wrong, please extend your question to state what really is the problem):

The "txt" variable is a C# variable in the codebehind and you want to use the value in javascript.

1) Change your HTML/javascript code to

document.getElementById("example").innerHTML=<%= GetTxt() %>;

2) Add a GetTxt() method to your codebehind that delivers the contents of your txt variable, including surrounding quotes and making sure that the resulting javascript is valid (escaped inner quotes etc).

This method is used when rendering the page server-side. The result of that method is sent as part of your javascript line.

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You can do this in the same fashion as if the website wasn't made in C#. Place your javascript code in a script-tag in the source code of your page ( not code behind ).

    <script type="text/javascript">
        // put your script here


To get the client ID of a control - in case it is a C# WebControl, not a HTML form element - you can use txt.ClientID.

In your javascript, that would create:

myJsTextBox = document.getElementById("<%= txt.ClientID%>");

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