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Hi all I have a dataset that fill it with some data that shows cont object id in date i want groupby it on year of date. this is my code :

 string ctInc = @"  select COUNT(inc.HSEIncidentId) number, datepart(year,inc.Date)AS displayDate
                           from dbo.HSEIncident inc
                           group by displayDate";
        SqlCommand cmdInc = new SqlCommand(ctInc, con);
        SqlDataAdapter adapterInc = new SqlDataAdapter(cmdInc);
        DataSet dsInc = new DataSet();

but sql riase an error that say "displayDate" is not valid column in table. how can i group by it. thanks in advance

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select COUNT(inc.HSEIncidentId) number, datepart(year,inc.Date) AS displayDate
                           from dbo.HSEIncident inc
                           group by datepart(year,inc.Date)";
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