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I have a Hibernate entity (A) that contains a many-to-many collection of other entities (B).

I'm attempting to use Hibernate filters (using @Filter and @FilterDef) to only select those A entities whose collection contains a specific B entity.

Is this possible to achieve using filters?

(I may be misunderstanding the documentation - when setting a @Filter or @FilterJoinTable annotation to a collection, does this filter the collection or filter the resultset of the parent entity containing the collection?)

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Yes, it is possible.

@Filter works on target entity. Whereas @FilterJoinTable works on associated entity. Both are there to filter target entity. Suppose if there are no items in the associative collection on which @FilterJoinTable is set, then the target entity will not be returned, altogether.

Link to documentation, Filtering data: Hibernate Filters.

Disclaimer: I am not very experienced with Hibernate Filters. Its good to try it yourself.

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