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I am developing a navigation application which uses google maps.

I am trying to implement "shops search" with the application. I tried the following piece of code which is capable of searching for places in the map:

List<Address> addresses = geoCoder.getFromLocationName(editAddress.getText().toString(), 5, 39.0, -73, 41.0, -71);
if(addresses.size() > 0)
    geoPoint = new GeoPoint( (int) (addresses.get(0).getLatitude() * 1E6),    (int) (addresses.get(0).getLongitude() * 1E6));

It gives correct result when the search key is "New york" or "London", but when I search for "Starbucks" the API does not give a result.

Which API can I use for this particular requirement?

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Implement this, Google Places API, into your own Google Maps application.

Have fun!


Four basic Place requests are available:

  • Place Searches return a list of nearby Places based on a user's location.

  • Place Details requests return more detailed information about a specific Place.

  • Place Check-ins allow you to report that a user has checked in to a Place. Check-ins are used to gauge a Place's popularity; frequent check-ins will boost a Place's ranking in your application's Place Search results.

  • Place Reports allow you to add new Places to the Place service, and to delete Places that your application has added.

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Hi, Thanks a lot.. I tried to enable Google Places Api as u mentioned. It went to a link in which I could apply for an Api invitation. How long will it take? or Can I expect it in a couple of days. Btw, can u send me an invitation if u have any . – Dhanesh May 9 '11 at 11:22
You just have to wait and see :-) If i can get my hands on a API key ill let you know. – Mark Mooibroek May 9 '11 at 11:29
Hi, I have been waiting for 2-3 days and no luck so far. Do we have any other alternative? – Dhanesh May 13 '11 at 11:38
We opened up general availability for the Places API last week. An invitation is no longer required. Just follow the steps in the docs linked above to create a project in the Google APIs console, activate the Places API on that project, and retrieve your API key. – Thor Mitchell May 16 '11 at 9:31

There is no API in Android to find "Starbucks" or any other sort of "shops". You will need to find somebody with a suitable Web service for this. Google might have one -- I've never looked -- but it is not baked into Android.

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Thanks CommonsWare. I was behind google places api, but still waiting for the registration. Can u suggest any service other than Google places? – Dhanesh May 13 '11 at 11:39

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