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I am new to wmii. Could anybody kind enough to share his configuration script with a nice status bar that could display notifications from Pidgin?

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OK, I got the notification work for Pidgin. First, 'command-notification' plugin from Pidgin site, download

Then configure the plugin execute a shell script, like this:


owins=$(wmiir ls /client | grep -v -e 'sel')
for owin in $owins; do
  wincount=$(wmiir read /client/$owin/props | grep -c -e "Pidgin:Pidgin")
  if [ $wincount != 0 ]; then
    wmiir xwrite /client/$owin/ctl Urgent off
    wmiir xwrite /client/$owin/ctl Urgent on
    wmiir xwrite /event Notice "You have new message!"
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