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I have a post user control , where user comes and post their questions as well as can reply to each post. The reply is done through opening a jQuery modal dialog. The post control is placed inside an update panel. When the user clicks on "reply to post" button , i need to execute some code on server side and then on returning to client side i register a script block that opens the jQuery dialog. On my dialog i have a close button that closes the dialog on the client side. This works fine. but if i execute the following scenario i get a problem.

1)User chooses a post and press "reply to post" for the selected post. The code on the server side gets executed and the jquery dialog opens on return. This is an ajax call inside update panel. At this point the updatepanel knows that the jquery modal is open. 2)for some reason uses clicks close button and do not post a reply. This causes the jquery modal to close on the client side. 3)User selects another post and clicks "post a reply". This again sends a call to the server using update panel and on return the jquery modal opens. But this causes two jquery modals to open. The previous one and the new one.

I believe this is happening because the close button did not update the update panel and instead closed the jquery modal on the client side. I can't remove the update panel and i dont wanna send an unnecessary calls to server side upon clicking close button. Please let me know what is a better approach to prevent this scenario ?

In IE it further gives an error Message: Sys.InvalidOperationException: A control is already associated with the element.


Message: Sys.InvalidOperationException: Two components with the same id can't be added to the application.


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