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How can the header line of the CSV file be ignored in ruby on rails while doing the CSV parsing!! Any ideas

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What exactly is your question? To skip the Headerline simply start at line 1 instead of 0 –  sra May 9 '11 at 11:28
btw, don't forget that you will need the header to identify the content of the CVS. Otherwise you just have data without knowing what exactly –  sra May 9 '11 at 11:31

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if your using ruby 1.8.X and FasterCSV, it has a 'headers' option

csv = FasterCSV.parse(your_csv_file, {:headers => true}) #or false if you do want to read them

if your using ruby 1.9.X the default library is basically FasterCSV so you can just do.

csv = CSV.parse(your_csv_file, {:headers => true})
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csv = CSV.read("file")

csv.shift # <-- kick out the first line

csv # <-- the results that you want
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A cool way to ignore the headers is to read it as an array and ignore the first row:

data = CSV.read("dataset.csv")[1 .. -1]
# => [["first_row", "with data"],
      ["second_row", "and more data"],
      ["last_row", "finally"]]

The problem with the :headers => false approach is that CSV won't try to read the first row as a header, but will consider it part of the data. So, basically, you have a useless first row.

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I have found the solution to above question. Here is the way i have done it in ruby 1.9.X.

csv_contents = CSV.parse(File.read(file))
csv_contents.each do |content|
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What is the reason for doing down voting to this answer? –  Deepak Lamichhane Aug 12 '14 at 8:37

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