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I'd like to do a live function on a selector, but i want to add a context depending on this selector. I know that's wrong but what could be correct to make that right:


.myClass is a duplicated element class. And this 'live' make me possible to limit the event only in the context, in fact selector parent. I hope i'm understandable. Thanks for your help S.

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It looks like what you're looking for is the .delegate() function, which is just like .live(), but allows for a context (sort of), along with other benefits.

Try this code:

$(this).parent().delegate('.myClass','myEvent',function() { .. } );
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Sorry, but i'd like to 'reduce' context the closest element to find others elements.. –  Sébastien Pillien May 19 '11 at 20:16
I'm sorry but I don't quite understand you. My code above is a direct translation of what your code above is, but mine effectively limits the context to only the parent. .live() will always bind to the document context, no matter what your selector is. –  Richard Neil Ilagan May 19 '11 at 20:38

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