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When I use getimagesize() in my hosting company which is a shared server, I get the following error.

Message: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration

Filename: admin/admin_product_home.php

What is the alternative to get the image size of images?

Thanks in advance.

echo "<tr>\n";
    echo "<td>".$list."</td>\n";
            $filepath = base_url()."uploads/".$list;
            echo "<td><img width=\"70px\" src='".$filepath."' /></td>";
            echo "<td>";
            $filesize = getimagesize($filepath);
    echo "width: ".$filesize[0]. "px<br />";
    echo "height: ".$filesize[1]. "px<br />";
            echo "</td>";
    echo "<td>";

I am using codeigniter as you can see in base_url().

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The problem isn't with getimagesize but with the file name you are trying to open.

It looks like you're using a http:// URL in the getimagesize() call, despite the file name you quote saying otherwise.

Make sure you are using a local file path.

Edit: Create a file path variable without base_url() and prepend the correct filesystem path.

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Thanks Pekka. The following code is working. $filepath = base_url()."uploads/".$list; $imagepath = "uploads/".$list; echo "<td><img width=\"70px\" src='".$filepath."' /></td>"; echo "<td>";$filesize = getimagesize($imagepath); echo "width: ".$filesize[0]. "px<br />";echo "height: ".$filesize[1]. "px<br />";......... – shin May 9 '11 at 12:19

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