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I am looking for a screen/web scraping solution which allows me to extract data from a web page in the following way:

  1. I manually select an element, table/paragraph through a user interface/workbench of some kind.
  2. I use the defined element based out of the tags and pattern to repeat the task.

Something like recording a macro in excel, and then programming and parameterizing the code. The reason I would want something like that is to boost productivity for the numerous websites we scrape.

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I have heard good things about iMacros for web scraping: http://wiki.imacros.net/Data_Extraction

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http://scrapy.org/ in python

this one has a lot of libs you can use http://www.httrack.com/

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You can use Rebol which has a really nice parsing engine in the language itself in less than 1 Mo ! http://reboltutorial.com/index.php?s=parse&x=Search

You can interface with C# through cmdline, PHP, Java ... (examples in C# and PHP on the site also)

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