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I have an "interactive chart application" written in JavaScript.

The state, among other properties, contains a "current" array:

state = {
    current: ["USA", "Norway", "Japan"],

When adding a country to this list (or changing the state in general), a sequence of functions should trigger - for example:

function add(country){

=> updateYmax() then updateScales() then render()

In this case, the render() depends on updateScales(), which in turn depends on updateYmax().

What is best practices - in JavaScript - to keep the above simple? Can you give an example of using Backbone.js or other MVC architecture to simplify the state handling and invocation of functions in the right order?


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Have your country list be a Backbone.Collection and listen to events from it (add, remove, refresh usually). Chain your events up to the render call as alexanderb explained.

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You can utilize backbone.js event for that. As soon as state change, you trigger "StateChanged" event. Different subscribers use that and does it portion of logic (update, render etc.)


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