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Our business practices require all configuration information to be stored such that a project can be rebuilt easily without relying on the existence of external resources. That means (among other things) that specific add-ins to Visual Studio that are required to complete the build, whether it is a tool or a class library, must be stored in our configuration management system.

I love Nuget and the power it provides to integrate new features into a project, but it isn't clear to me how we can store Nuget-added libraries into our configuration management system such that future build machines can be correctly set-up to build the project.

  • Is this something that has already been considered and I am overlooking it?
  • How do you integrate Nuget packages into configuration management?
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Yes, check in your packages folder and below, plus packages.config.

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Fantastic! Thank you. –  Jeff Yates May 9 '11 at 20:28

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