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would it be possible to post to different users walls authenticating with OAUTH?

Basically what I would like to do is authenticate a user, and then post something to their wall, this is all with the users knowledge of course, so the user would be greeted with a login screen, they log in, and something gets posted to their twitter wall using a PHP sdk.

Thanx in advance!

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Yes!, you can find more info in this article

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Thank you for that! –  Odyss3us May 11 '11 at 4:14

In addition to the basic low-level REST API statuses/update method, which your PHP SDK would invoke, Twitter also offers @anywhere, a Javascript API that let's you pretty quickly integrate with the service. The TweetBox is the widget that would allow your users to post status updates from your site.

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Thanx for the help! –  Odyss3us May 11 '11 at 4:14

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