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i wanna know what is the best way to start coding a simple 3D ... (with java) like a man walking around ... i know it's not so easy , but i believe it's not impossible :D so .. is there a recommended tutorial or something???

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Two suggestions:

  1. Start with something like jMonkeyEngine. Lots of great tutorials on their site using their scenegraph API. It's where you want to end up eventually anyway, IMHO.

  2. NeHe Productions: OpenGL Tutorials. These are great because they give you a lot of OpenGL info and instructions. Note that all the code in the tutorial is C however, at the bottom of the tutorials are links to ports of the code to various platforms and languages, including Java.

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Note that NeHe is quite outdated and generally not a recommended resource anymore. jMonkeyEngine on the other hand is an engine that I'd recommend, too. –  Thomas May 9 '11 at 14:30
jMonkeyEngine is widely used?? –  Ahmed.Ibrahem May 9 '11 at 14:34

You could start with Java 3D API or Java OpenGL (JOGL). I think, if you want something like OpenGL then you should consider about JOGL

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The best way to start is to find out a good and free 3d game engine. You should know something about 3d graphics: basic transformation, how to work with matrices (specially multiply order), etc.

I can recommend you Lightweight Java Game Library, Ogre3D for Java or even jMonkeyEngine. Later you can try to use OpenGL directly - its easy to learn, multiplatform 3D graphics library.

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what's the best for making something looks good ,,, but i don't wanna waste too much time ... ?? i mean .. i wanna have a look about that before getting innn :D –  Ahmed.Ibrahem May 9 '11 at 14:52

For better understanding of the scene graph-based and Java3D programming I recommend you to read this tutorial. It helps me very much

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