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I am loading a variable at frame 1with loadVariablesNum("text.txt", 0);. The variable is called dayDate and for this is example the value is 09.

I have a movieClip called d09 in my library that I would like to attach to an empty movieClip (instance name: myLoader) via the variable value.

I can load it the "normal" way like this myLoader.attachMovie("d09", "d09", 1);

But how do I get my variable-value into that statement? I've tried putting in the varible name (like myLoader.attachMovie("dayDate", "d09", 1);) but it just won't do what I need

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I haven't used AS2 in a while so I'm not sure what those parameters to attachMovie mean. However I believe you'd want to construct the string "d09" like so: "d" + dayDate

So your code would look something like:

myLoader.attachMovie("d" + dayDate, "d09", 1);

(Incidentally, by "the value is 09" I'm guessing you mean datDate is the string "09". If you simply mean the number 9 then you'll have to add in the leading 0.)

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Thanks - but this only worked after I installed a gotoAndPlay(1) in frame #2. Why is it that I cannot grab the variable at once? –  morganF May 9 '11 at 14:59
Found a "swonking"-method at actionscript.org but the if/else run doesn't work... And I have and idea there are niftyer ways to stop process before the variable has loaded. Tips would be appreciated. Or maybe that's for another question. –  morganF May 9 '11 at 15:21

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