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I spent some time looking for an efficient way to update my website from a svn repository, but all I can find is to "svn update" directly from the web server, or use a pre/post-commit hook.

Since I don't have ssh access to my web server, I can't really use "svn update", so I tested a pre/post-commit hook (svn2web) which was practical, but not reliable enough. So I look over the internet and found Springloops, which is very satisfying because it has a FTP deploy feature that allows me to update my website directly from the svn repository.

Unfortunately, it isn't free, and I like to have full control of my repository. So my question is:

Is there any tool or script that allows me to update my website over FTP from my Subversion repository ?

Just like they do at Springloops (or Beanstalk).

Thank you very much for your help, I'm out of ideas...

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Take a look at Capistrano. It's extremely powerful and can do a full checkout, zip it up, and push it to the server over ftp using the new "copy" deployment strategy:

set :deploy_via, :copy

See for more info.

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Thanks a lot for the info, but I think it is necessary to have SSH access on the server to use Capistrano. Is it right ? – damienfir Feb 27 '09 at 9:08

Ci Factory has support for it -

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What if use post commit hook to do:

  1. SVN Update or export on localhost
  2. Connect to FTP from localhost
  3. Copy all files to FTP
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