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I feel this may be a duplicate but I failed to find a similar question, so please redirect me if one exists.

I have a Form in which I display user-selected file path in a TextBox. I've seen many times in other applications that a neat way to deal with a path that's too long to fit into a TextBox (or some other field for that matter) is shortened by putting ellipsis ('...' symbol) in the middle of it.

For example,

C:\Program Files\Some Company\Some Program\bin\application.exe

can be shortened as follows:

C:\Program Files\ ... \ bin\application.exe

Is there any built-in functionality in .NET to do that? Does it have a name so I could search for some tips on how to implement it? Is it generally a good way of fitting a long path into a shorter text field?

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This is something that I believe can be done with Interop services, but not sure if a native .net method exists.

Try this URL:


Good luck!

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Thanks, I'll check it out –  Phonon May 9 '11 at 15:06

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