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I have tables that I am creating, and I want to be able to modify them through the code in the VBA.

What I need to do to the tables is merge and resize some cells and also add text to some of the cells.

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To append on what Lance was saying, here's an example of Merging Cells and setting text in the value of those merged cells:

Dim myCells As Range
With ActiveDocument
    Set myCells = .Range(Start:=.Tables(1).Cell(1, 1).Range.Start, End:=.Tables(1).Cell(1, 3).Range.End)
End With


ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Cell(Row:=1, Column:=1).Range.Text = "Value for Merged Cells"

NOTE: The table in this example had three columns and two rows

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You need to access the Table object, like

ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Cell(Row:=2, Column:=2).Range.Text


<some Word.Document here>.
  Content.Tables(1).Columns.SetWidth <columnwidthhere>, wdAdjustSameWidth    
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