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Is there any way to import/export task markers in eclipse ?

I know I can copy tasks and paste it in excel [but cant import ], but are there any other ways ?

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I found this link help.eclipse.org/helios/index.jsp?topic=/… but are there any plugins that use these apis and persist to file ? –  Prashant Bhate May 9 '11 at 15:22

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Maybe you want to try a different approach to task sharing. Sharing the code over a VCS ensures that all task markers inside the code like //TODO //FIXME and such are shared as well.

In order to enhance the visibility of the tasks for all members of your project, you could use a Continuous Integration Server with the tasks plugin. It lets you see the tasks as a graph and track changes. You can also drill down inside the CI server to see the code the task refers to.

Another , more coarse-grained approach would be to use an external bug tracker. Most of them provide Mylyn integration, so you can sync your tasks across the project

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Markers (tasks, problems, bookmarks all are markers) are associated and persisted with resources. You cannot export the markers alone. What is your usecase?

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I need to export tasks [code review tasks ] and share them with peers so that they can import them and fix code –  Prashant Bhate May 9 '11 at 21:01
You should be using Mylyn for that. –  Prakash G. R. May 10 '11 at 8:10

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