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Having started off with an incomplete gettext .pot file, the resulting .po translations file now includes a large number of translation strings that were not originally in the .pot file.

How can I backwards generate a .pot file for other languages (strings with blank translation entries) from a translated .po file?

Thanks for your help.

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Why do you want to get an outdated pot file, if you have the final one? Shouldn't you only merge changes to your translate .po file? –  Groo May 9 '11 at 15:29

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You can use something like this:

msgfilter -i xx.po -o new.pot true

msgfilter applies a program to all translations in a file, and true is just some program that doesn't output anything for any input.

You will probably need to massage the header comment a bit after this to make it really look like a fresh POT file.

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You don't. You generate the .pot file from the source code. msgmerge then takes the new .pot file and the existing .po file, and merges old entries into the new file.

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@ignacio-vazquez-abrams: Unfortunately this isn't a great option since generating the .pot file from source code also pulls in thousands of strings which should not be translated and mixes them all in together. It's taken considerable work to clean the originally generated .pot file and the source code hasn't changed. I realise this isn't the normal way of working with gettext but still this is what I'm looking to achieve, perhaps with a sed command or something like that. –  richhallstoke May 10 '11 at 8:07
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This took ages to figure out a way of doing it, but in the end I found a solution using Notepad++. From the Search|Replace... menu I was able to Replace All with a regular expression.

Find: msgstr ".*"

Replace with: msgstr ""

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if you want to updates the translation strings you don't need a .pot file. From poedit : catalog, update from .pot file, then in the browser window change .pot files only to "all files", select your .po file and it will process

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It's need to*.pot file , i think poster doesn't have pot file or pot file is incomplete. –  PersianGulf Jan 31 at 9:18

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