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I'm programming a game, where you can click many objects like point and click. Current I receive the touch-events on an CCLayer and iterate over all objects to find out the touched object.

    for (GameObjectSprite *object in objects) {
    if ([object isTouchOnMe:touch]) {
        NSLog(@"Touch Beegan Objekt:%@", object.dataModel.name);


- (BOOL) isTouchOnMe: (CGPoint) touchLocation {
    return = CGRectContainsPoint([animationSprite boundingBox], touchLocation);

Is there a better solution to find out the touched object, e.g. every object throws an event when it is touched?

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What about looking at the touch, determining its location on your layer, and then finding if there's an object at that location? –  Michael Fredrickson May 9 '11 at 16:48
I current use the CGRectContainsPoint to check if there was a tap on an object. but what I'm looking for is e.g. a way that the object get's an touch event himself. like flash where you can make every object clickable and the object can handle the event. do I have to define every thing as CCLayer which receives click events?! –  crashbus May 9 '11 at 17:18
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