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Example - I'd like the [start_date][year] field to go from smallest to largest, top to bottom instead of bottom to top.

Another example - I'd like the minutes to be every 5 minutes instead of every minute.

Obviously I could just write my own form fields using HTML, but - thought I'd first ask if it's possible with Cake form options. I found 'minYear' and 'maxYear'...was hoping there'd be other options.

Thanks in advance.

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Other than dateFormat/timeFormat, there are no other options for configuring those. You'll have to write your own option sets.

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Thanks as always, Tyler. I wish you had a different answer for me, but... I'll let you slide with the "correct" answer this time. ;) –  Dave May 9 '11 at 17:22
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One of the big ones I was looking for was the "minutes to be every 5 minutes instead of every minute". This one IS available by setting the field option: 'interval'=>5

At the moment, it doesn't appear the other option(s) are available.

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