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i paginated the propel results, its all working fine, but i cant get this thing working. I will really appreciate any help or workaround this issue:

<?if ($posts->getPage()==???) { ?>
<a href='?p=<?echo end($linkPrevNext);?>'  class="pagNext">next</a>

the function getPage() returns to me the active page, but what should i put on the ??? to hide the last next link on propel, some function like $posts->getLastPage() that actually works. I just cant get any info about this on the Propel documentation.

to hide the first 'previous' link, i used this:

<?if ($posts->getPage()>1) { ?>
<a href='?p=<?echo $linkPrevNext[0];?>'  class="pagPrev">prev</a>
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getLastPage() will return the page number of the last page. atLastPage() is a convenience function that will already do the comparison for you, and also exists as atFirstPage(). See the API docs for Propel 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6.

You code could look like this:

<?php if (!$posts->atLastPage()) { ?>
<a href='?p=<?php echo $posts->getLastPage(); ?>'  class="pagNext">next</a>
<?php } ?>

I assumed $linkPrevNext contains just the page numbers, like it came from $posts->getNextLinks(). If not, you should not use getLastPage() in the link of course.

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Hi Jen, thank you very much, it worked. :) – Guilherme May 10 '11 at 20:45

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