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I've been designing a Flash animation for a client, and the animation looks perfect on my computer. However, It's having problems on my client's computer though. Please see the screenshot at http://i.stack.imgur.com/wVIsf.png. She's using SWF & FLV Player and the flash animation just stuck on the top left corner, and it can't be dragged or moved. Please would you help me with this issue? What are the possible cause/solutions? Any suggestions are welcomed!! Many thanks indeed!!



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I have no idea what may cause the problem (never heard about "SWF & FLV Player" before) but one thing you could try is publishing the animation as a "Projector" (a stand-alone executable file) that your customer can run, instead of using her "SWF & FLV Player".

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It looks like you're using windows--hopefully your client is too.

use the

alt + space Shortcut. This will display the maximize/minimize optionsno matter where the window is.

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