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I am a newbie to jquery ajax tabs and tried to create ajax tabs. The content pages are located on different servers/domains. My question is when i use the code below to implement ajax tabs these pages do not show up. When I create iframe pages on the server where my tabs are housed and use those links as my href link it works.

Do I need to do that every time I want to add a new tab? My requirement is to get away from doing that.


(full code: jquery tabs problem)

<li><a href="ajax/content.htlm">Tab1</a></li> --> 

<li><a href="ajax/content.htlm">Tab2</a></li> --> 

<li><a href="ajax/content.htlm">Tab3</a></li> --> 

<li><a href="ajax/content.htlm">Tab4</a></li> --> 
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The problem is that you can't make cross-domain ajax requests due to security issues.

And, for the second question: Yes you could fix it by using iframes, but then they arent AJAX anymore. You could append a new iframe dynamically and set the src to the url you wanted to fetch the stuff from, or just use a single iframe that switches source when a tab is clicked.

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Thanks Garuda. The problem I am facing is my javascript back buttons which are located in my pages do not work when i insert them to iframes. Thats why I wanted to use direct urls. Any thoughts? –  bobo May 9 '11 at 17:46

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