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I unfortunately cant use expressions like Long.Nan as the string is actually a return value from a different C module. Is there a string I can pass to parseLong() to return an NaN ?

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There is no Long.NaN -- you are confused.

For Double.NaN, how about this:

public double myParseDouble(String s)
   double result;
      result = Double.parseDouble(s);
   catch (NumberFormatException nfe)
      result = Double.NaN;
   return result;

(edit: and the obvious approach is to pass in any string that is an invalid double, e.g. the empty string or NaN)

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There is no such thing as Long.NaN, which makes sense when you consider that every bit pattern within long represents a valid integer within the range of [Long.MIN_VALUE, Long.MAX_VALUE].

You might consider trying to get the bit pattern of Double.NaN instead.

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Long.Nan? That doesn't exist in Java. You only have Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE

"Nan" as argument to Double.parseDouble(String) gives Double.NaN as value if that is what you want.

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java.lang.Long represent 64-bit signed integral value, while NaN is introduced only in floating-point computations. That being said there is no special string return Long NaN, but you can for instance use:

double notANumber = java.lang.Double.NaN;
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Java only has a concept of NaN for floating point datatypes, not integer ones such as Long.

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