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I want to make a range query on multiple columns. for example:

db.dmnscore.find({price:{$lte:10}, "updated" : {"$gte" : new Date(1304874799000)} ,"score" : {"$gte" : 0,"$lte" : 1000}).sort({score:-1}) Is it possible to make a proper compound index for this query?


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Looks like you've already asked this question on the Google Groups:

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The easiest thing is to test it yourself. Create an index on the properties, then run this query:

db.dmnscore.find({price:{$lte:10}, "updated" : {"$gte" : new Date(1304874799000)} ,"score" : {"$gte" : 0,"$lte" : 1000}).sort({score:-1}).explain()

notice the explain() on the end. If the result contains Btree you're good, if the result contains BasicCursor it hasn't used the index.

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