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I have done a project in ASP.Net that asks to input a number in textbox. After typing a number in it and click a button it generates the number of textbox according to the value given in the textbox. Like if I type 5 in the textbox it dynamically generates 5 textboxes below.

I want all the value of dynamically created textbox(more than one textbox) to be stored in session and pass to next page through session after clicking another button. But i could not do that.

How can i solve this problem. Anyone can help me.


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You could create an array with the values and store that in the session. Code below is untested, but should give you an idea.

string[] arrayTextboxes = new string[numberOfTextboxes];
int index = 0;
foreach (Control ctrl in Page.Controls)
    if (ctrl is TextBox)
         arrayTextboxes[index] = ((Textbox)ctrl).Text;

Session["tbValues"] = arrayTextboxes;
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This would pull the static text box as well, would it not? – Abe Miessler May 9 '11 at 18:16
Yes it would. You could create an ID for the static boxes and none for the dynamic ones. Then use if (ctrl.ID == null) or some sort of similar check to differentiate between your static and dynamic textboxes. – keyboardP May 9 '11 at 18:19

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