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I am trying to read from text file using ifstream object with extraction operator (>>) , and when I perform the following code , it is not reading at all !

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <iomanip>

void outputLine( int account, const char *const name , double balance )
         cout << left << setw( 10 ) << account << setw( 13 ) << name
            << setw( 7 ) << setprecision( 2 ) << right << balance << endl;
      } // end function outputLine

int main()
    ofstream outfile("client.txt",ios::out);
    if (!outfile)
        cout << "the file is not opened .. " << endl ;
    int account;
    char name[30];
    double balance;
    while (cin >> account >> name >> balance)
        outfile << account << ends << name << ends << balance << endl ;
        cout << "? " ;

    ifstream inFile;
    inFile.open( "client.txt",ios::in);

     if ( !inFile )
      cerr << "File could not be opened" << endl;
       exit( 1 );
     } // end if

     cout << left << setw( 10 ) << "Account" << setw( 13 )
       << "Name" << "Balance" << endl << fixed << showpoint;

    while (inFile >> account >> name >> balance )
        outputLine( account, name, balance );

    return 0 ;

Is there any error in this code ?

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I doubt whether the program which you mentioned above is yours or not.Because i found a similar problem of yours in an e-book about file processing. I provide the link here, you can refer to it and correct your program if u want.

file processing.pdf

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What are those ends manipulators doing there? I would guess you should be outputing spaces instead. And the obvious way to debug this is to write the code that creates the output file only and then see if it works by examining the output with a text editor.

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std::ends is a Microsoft-specific manipulator that inserts the end of string character '\0' to the stream. It's old and unneeded. –  0x499602D2 Nov 7 '13 at 2:20

It's probably not reading because it's probably not writing. You didn't specify what you inputted into the console window when it asked you for input, but if you don't put in input in the format of

integer string double

then nothing will be written to the file because cin<< will try to get a certain type and fail because the data doesn't match the type it wants.

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