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How do I show a flash message using CakePHP when a user has successfully logged in (either manually or via a redirect). So for example 'Welcome back!'

I can't just add it to the login() method as that will just show it on the login page and NOT when a user has sucessfully logged in.

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This guide shows how you can use session based flash messages with CakePHP. The Cake Session API may be helpful as well.

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I know how to create session flash messages with CakePHP. The problem I have is how to show one when a user has logged in as you can't attach it to the method like normal! –  Cameron May 9 '11 at 19:08
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To be honest, I have no idea how that CakePHP-thing works. But you might wanna try to save a session-variable when the user has successfully logged in (still at the login-page). Then you (already did) redirect him to your success-page and load the session-variable, noticing that you need to setFlash. Don't forget to unset the session-variable!

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