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I am using devise on my application and i am not getting error messages when login fails.

I've flash[:notice] and flash[:alert] on the login page.

I tried a lot of things and when i remove 'protect_from_forgery' from application controller i get the error messages.

Also i am using Cancan on my application, can it be any issue from it? Any ideas?


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I'm guessing the authenticity verification is failing. Are your forms sending up the authenticity_token with posts? If removing protect_from_forgery fixes it, this almost certainly the problem.

Make sure that all non-get requests are sending up an authenticity_token parameter with the value returned by the rails function form_authenticity_token. If you use form_for in your views, this should happen automagically. Check your html to be sure, the authenticity token in the form should match the value returned the form_authenticity_token method.

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Good answer @drewbob. I had this problem just yesterday! – thefugal May 9 '11 at 19:02

Admittedly, a bit hacky, but I'm using this helper (app/helpers/devise_helper.rb) to grab flashes and use those if set then default to resource.errors. Devise's sessions controller doesn't seem to use the model errors, but uses flash alerts instead. This is just based on the helper that's in the devise lib.

module DeviseHelper

  def devise_error_messages!
    flash_alerts = []
    error_key = 'errors.messages.not_saved'

    if !flash.empty?
      flash_alerts.push(flash[:error]) if flash[:error]
      flash_alerts.push(flash[:alert]) if flash[:alert]
      flash_alerts.push(flash[:notice]) if flash[:notice]
      error_key = 'devise.failure.invalid'

    return "" if resource.errors.empty? && flash_alerts.empty?
    errors = resource.errors.empty? ? flash_alerts : resource.errors.full_messages

    messages = errors.map { |msg| content_tag(:li, msg) }.join
    sentence = I18n.t(error_key, :count    => errors.count,
                                 :resource => resource.class.model_name.human.downcase)

    html = <<-HTML
    <div id="error_explanation">


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