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I have the following string

[custID] = 'A99999999'

I am trying the following to remove the square brackets and the single quotes

Regex.Replace(sql, "/[\[\]']+/g", " ")

but that's not working. I keep getting the same results

Note: sql is a variable holding the string above.

I want the result to be

custID = A99999999

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\[ doesn't do what you think it does. Nor is Regex the same as in Perl. Try this instead:

Regex.Replace(sql, @"[\[\]']+", "");
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Is this what you're looking for? ['\\/]

That should match any single character that is a slash or single quote.

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I think you're looking for Regex.Replace(sql, @"[\[\]']", " "); the @ introduces a string where you need no escapes, and Regex.Replace replaces all matches, so no need for the g flag - your regex syntax isn't supported here, I think.

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You can use this:

Regex.Replace(sql, "[][']", "")

If you're wondering how does that work, ] right after [ isn't treated as closing, but as literal character.

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You can use string split and join like below:

        string sql = "[custID] = 'A99999999'";
        var correctedString = string.Join("",sql.Split(new char[] {'[', ']', '\''}));

If you want to use regex use [\[\]'] to replace those.

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