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I can't seem to get this value. here is the array:

[1596] => Array
    [entry_id] => 1596
    [title] => This is the article title
    [url_title] => url-title-here
    [status] => open
    [entry_date] => 1304544513
    [alt_title] => 
    [article_summary] => This is the article summary
    [article_intro] => This is the article intro
    [article_image] => 
    [article_body] => This is the article body
    [article_media_id] => 1
    [article_videos] => 
    [article_media] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [row_id] => 3730
                    [row_order] => 0
                    [col_id_7] => image
                    [col_id_12] => right
                    [col_id_8] => 9781400068609.jpg
                    [col_id_9] => 
                    [col_id_10] => 
                    [col_id_54] => 



I am trying to build a URL using


but it keeps giving me a '1' at the end of that image value. it should be 9781400068609.jpg, right? What do I have wrong?

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The code you've posted looks right. Can you comment out the code to verify that the 1 isn't coming from somewhere else?! – James C May 9 '11 at 19:33
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['entry_id'] is derailing your path. You'll want to refer to the top-level key by its number (probably in a variable) like this:

$entry_id = 1596;
$valueYouWant = $entry[$entry_id]['article_media'][0]['col_id_8'];
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For example, if your array is called entry, then

$entry['entry_id'] == 1596

you must write instead:

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Excellent thanks everyone! That did it. – Chad Crowell May 9 '11 at 19:41

You have to specify the ID 1596 not 'entry_id' if $entry is the array holding all entries

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$entryId = 1596;
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