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I am new to PHY MySQL and PHPmyadmin. Creating a table with and inserting decimals as the variable . The table is created but shows 0.00 as my number. my columns is configured as amount DECIMAL(11,2) NOT NULL,

I insert into the table:

('1', '$625545.00'), 
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Drop the $ sign in the value:

INSERT INTO amount(amt_id,amount) VALUES ('1', '625545.00');

Note: MS SQL has a money field that can allow such values, but not MySQL.

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You are entering a string:


INSERT INTO amount(amt_id,amount) VALUES ('1', '$625545.00'),

is Equivalent to

 INSERT INTO amount(amt_id,amount) VALUES ('1', 'helloworld'),

If you want to enter data in a DECIMAL(11,2) field, be sure to enter something like 12345.22

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