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I am parsing a XML string in XElement.Parse("somestring") and insert it into another XElement using add method. so, i want to remove the default utf encoding and xmlns attributs from "somestring" text.

How to do that...

I appreciate your help.

Thanks KJ

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Do you mean the encoding="UTF-8" on the xml declaration? –  AnthonyWJones Feb 27 '09 at 10:32

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Sounds like you have an XML document including an <?xml declaration. Use the XDocument instead to parse:-

XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(someString);

As for xmlns try the above and see what you get, I don't think you need worry about. It may only be an issue if your existing document uses a default namespace which differs from your included XML.

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Hello, Thanks for your swift reply, it does answer my query. Thanks KJ –  KJ. Feb 27 '09 at 13:29

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