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I'm trying to achieve something like this post: Arrow in jQuery Dialog (which I used as a base)

My dialog's height is dynamic depending on a combo choice. So I have a div on the content which uses the .myArrow css. And placed the arrow at top:50% so it is always in the middle on the content.

<div id="tooltip" >
    <div id="tooltipInfo">"Content here"</div>
    <div class="myArrow"></div>

I works great on FF. But on IE I have a height problem. I set the height of the dialog depending on the combo choice using the following:

$j( '#tooltip' ).dialog("option", "height", 200);

But on IE6 the height ends with the text (I want a small empty space at the bottom). It seems like it ignores that line and goes into "auto".

It gets fixed if I set the overflow at ui-dialog-content but I loose the arrow since it is placed outside the div.

Is there a way to fix the height? Or another way to set the arrow that stays in the middle left of the dialog no matter what height it has?

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Yes. Is not our call.. Our client wants to. We already tried to talk some sense into them but they want it. –  Ani May 9 '11 at 20:57

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