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I need a method which would give me the number of hours and minutes from any random number.For example if the random number is 500 i would like to have information as 5 hrs and 0 minutes.Another example is 2359 is 23 hrs 59 minutes.The random number is entered by the user and i am only concerned with the hours and minutes(not seconds).I need not even worry about rounding off of minutes .So i wrote this method ,which to me is not efficient.Can any one suggest a better way of doing it ?or is this good enough?

 private void calculateDateTime(int someNumber){


  String number = Integer.toString(someNumber);
  String hrs ="";
  String mins ="00";
      hrs =number.substring(0, 2);
      mins = number.substring(2,4);
      float f =((float)someNumber)/100;
      String s = Float.toString(f);
      String [] splitArray = s.split("\\.");
      if(splitArray.length>1) {
      hrs = splitArray[0];
      mins = splitArray[1];
 int hr = Integer.valueOf(hrs);
 int min = Integer.valueOf(mins);

Thats how i am getting the hr and mins respectively.Suggest me a better approach if you have one.


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3 Answers 3

Pad the input string with zeros until length is 4 and then spilt the string in the middle?

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int hours = someNumber / 100;
int minutes = someNumber % 100;

if(hours >= 24 || minutes >= 60) {
    //Do whatever
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ifthe random number is more than four digits? – Barry May 9 '11 at 21:47
More than 4 digits necessary means more than 24 hours: 10023 / 100 = 100 hours – Javier Ferrero May 9 '11 at 21:52
If 10023 should be a valid input (0 hours and 23 minutes) just add the following at the begining: someNumber = someNumber % 10000. That will leave 4 or less digits. – Javier Ferrero May 9 '11 at 22:22

If you want your values to be repeatable, I would use the passed in value as the seed into a Random generator.

Random r = new Random(someNumber);
int hr = r.nextInt(24);
int min = r.nextInt(60);
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