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I added a new Context in server.xml to move ROOT dir for my webapps, like so:

<Context path="" docBase="../sites" debug="0" reloadable="true" >
    <Resource name="jdbc/myphoto" auth="Container" type="javax.sql.DataSource"
    maxActive="20" maxIdle="10" maxWait="-1" /> 

Now for some reason, tomcat cannot find my custom java classes. My jsp page looks like so:

... some xhtml ...
<%@ page import="com.domain.webtech.Hello" %>
    Hello h = new Hello();

And I can a file in sites/webtech/WEB-INF/classes/com/domain/webtech/ which is very simple:

package com.somename.webtech;
public class Hello {
public Hello() {
public String hello() {
    return "hello, world!";

I compiled it and even packaged it into a webtech.jar file and placed it in sites/webtech/WEB-INF/lib/

Does anyone have any idea as to why Tomcat is not finding my classes?

Thanks for your time,


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When you packaged it into a jar, did you maintain the directory structure (i.e. the class file should have path com/bravotic/webtech/Hello.class inside the .jar file)? –  Simon Nickerson May 9 '11 at 21:02

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Your docBase has to point to the web root.


<Context docBase="../sites" ...>


<Context docBase="../sites/webtech" ...>

And open your JSP by http://localhost:8080/page.jsp instead of http://localhost:8080/webtech/page.jsp.

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Thank you so much! Such a silly mistake. –  Griffin May 9 '11 at 21:03
You're welcome. –  BalusC May 9 '11 at 21:11

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