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I'm getting the following error in log/resque-0.log:

rake aborted!
non-absolute home

If I start a worker manually using the same command God uses, it starts up just fine:

QUEUE=* RAILS_ENV=production /usr/bin/rake -f /srv/myapp/current/Rakefile environment resque:work

I've tried running that command under the 'rails' user and the 'root' user (which God runs under). Any ideas?

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It looks like the problem may be in your Rakefile, please post your Rakefile and god script. – Gazler May 9 '11 at 21:12

you have an extra environment in yours between "Rakefile" and "resque"

My god scripts usually look like this:

rails_env = ENV['RAILS_ENV'] || "development"
rails_root = ENV['RAILS_ROOT'] || "/path/to/app" do |w| = "resque-task" = 'resque'
    w.interval = 30.seconds
    w.start = "/path/to/rake -f #{rails_root}/Rakefile resque:work QUEUE=* RAILS_ENV=#{rails_env}"

    w.uid = 'gazler'
    w.gid = 'gazler'
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Didn't seem to fix the problem. It runs great when I start it on the server via SSH, but it's failing when god tries to run it (same error). – Jarin Udom May 9 '11 at 23:11

So part of the problem is shadow_puppet trying to resolve your path, but if you're actually trying to use shadow_puppet or something else that tries to expand path on ~ (like Capistrano for example) make sure to include:

w.env = {"HOME" => "/users/home/dir"}

That fixed this problem for my situation (driving cap from a god-monitored resque worker).

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Ok turns out I just had to remove shadow_puppet from my Gemfile. Not sure why I had it in there in the first place, maybe it was a holdover from an old version of Moonshine.

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