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When I publish from Visual Studio 2010, it transforms the web.config according to the Web.Debug.config or Web.Release.config. Is there a way to do that with aspnet_compiler or something else in Albacore?

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A similar question was asked recently on the mailing list. I don't know if this is the same situation that you are facing, but hopefully it will help you out. Based on the needs of that person, I recommended the following for the msbuild task.

CLIENT_SOURCE_DIR = 'C:/Builds/MySolution/Source/Client/'
PUBLISH_CLIENT_DIR = 'C:/Builds/MySolution/Publish/Client/'

desc 'Publish the web site'
msbuild :publish do |msb|
  msb.solution = "#{CLIENT_SOURCE_DIR}/Client.csproj"
  msb.targets [:Clean, :Rebuild]
  msb.properties = { 
    :configuration => :Release, 
    :UseWPP_CopyWebApplication => true, 
    :PipelineDependsOnBuild => false,
    :webprojectoutputdir => "#{PUBLISH_CLIENT_DIR}/",
    :outdir => "#{PUBLISH_CLIENT_DIR}/bin/"
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Thanks, I found out what I needed in that thread –  VinTem May 10 '11 at 21:13

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