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I'm having trouble decrypting files using the BouncyCastle OpenPGP API. I followed this post: http://rafayal.blogspot.com/2009/06/pgp-decryption-with-c.html to decrypt files. However, I am getting an error that states that the KeyID cannot be null whenever I instantiate the PGPDecrypt object.

PGPDecrypt test = new PGPDecrypt(@"C:\test\somefile.zip",
            FileStream fs = File.Open(@"C:\test\somefile.zip", FileMode.Open);

I'm creating the key using Kleopatra on the Gpg4Win tool set.

Within the PGPDecrypt class, when the PGPKeys object is being instantiate (specifically the PgpPublicKey object) , I am getting the error that states that the KeyID cannot be null. Can some body please help.

Thank you so much.

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Just a quick comment that this kind of thing is normally asked and aswered on the dev-crypto mailinglist of bouncy castle. –  Maarten Bodewes Sep 22 '11 at 3:00

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