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Hi recently I'm working to setup svn email notification also and I face problem. I'm using svnmailer and I get error option -r: invalid integer value: ''.

I try to google and can't find any clue to solve it. Need help here...

My post-commit config is as below:

/usr/bin/svn-mailer -c -f /scripts/mailer.conf -e "UTF-8" -r "$2" -d "$1"

when i run the post-commit it will show below message:

option -r: invalid integer value: ''

May I know how to solve it?

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The error seemed to indicate it is unabled to parse quotation mark when expecting integer value. You might want to remove the quotation from the revision variable substitution.

/usr/bin/svn-mailer -c -f /scripts/mailer.conf -e "UTF-8" -r $2 -d "$1"

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I have removed it and now I get below error: option -r: invalid integer value: '-d' I also try to remove the quotation mark for repository as below: /usr/bin/svn-mailer -c -f /scripts/mailer.conf -e "UTF-8" -r $2 -d $1 Now I get error as below: option -r: invalid integer value: '-d' – wilson May 10 '11 at 1:31

I can only suggest you remove the double quotes around -r, or replace it with --revision just in case its getting confused.

An alternative to debug it is to echo the command line to a file and then replay it manually. The revnum will be fixed in the postr-commit hook so you can edit the command as you like and re-run it to get an email of the given revnum.

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